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Life changes and sometimes debts occur. At coeo, we understand that. We aim for a human approach to help find a suitable solution.

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You cannot pay the amount at once, but want to pay in instalments? Check out your options.


Is the amount not right or have you paid already? Submit your proof to us.


Received a message for another receipient? Please let us know as soon as possible so we can amend it.

  • Take care of it online

  • Safe payment via iDeal

  • Collection reference

  • Take care of it online

  • Safe payment via Bancontact

  • Collection reference

Please ask for help

We are here to help. Please contact us if you need help.
Together, we will look for a solution that suits your situation.

Late payment

Not responding to a payment reminder could lead to unpleasant consequences for you as a private person or company. Please check our website to read about the consequences of non-timely payment of your unsettled invoice.

Consequences non-payment

Debt assistance

Do you have several debts and are you unable to solve them? Please contact our office. Our staff can tell you what to do and what agencies to contact.

Ask for help

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Throughout the entire collection process, we always emphasize the socially responsible aspects in case of unsettled debts. We often communicate with your customers, and – even more important – we do so in an understandable way.