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  • Publication date: 01-12-2021
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CIB becomes coeo Incasso on January 10, 2022

CIB changes company name

On Monday, January 10, 2022, CIB Incasso (CIB) will officially change its company name to ‘coeo Incasso’ (pronounced: “cowieyo incasso”) in the Netherlands and Belgium. The change of name is a result of our affiliation with the coeo Group and the international course of the credit management organization.

More uniformity within the coeo Group

The change of name in the Netherlands and Belgium ensures more international uniformity and recognizability as a group in Europe. This is an advantage for all countries in which we and our partners operate. By strengthening our international market position as a credit management organization, this gives our current and future clients more options and confidence. It also provides more opportunities to develop and take further steps in our international services.

Our services remain unchanged. You can continue to rely on our high-quality collection services through your trusted contacts.

We are happy with this great step for our coeo Group. With the new name in the Netherlands and Belgium, we can continue our chosen course and make great (international) follow-up steps together with our clients and partners.

Communicating under our new name

Our communication will become more unambiguous, because from then on we will communicate under one name. You will soon see our new name and logo on our website, the web portal, in e-mail messages and invoicing. In our means of communication to your customer, the name change will already be announced in mid-November, but from Monday 10 January 2022 the name CIB will no longer be used on our website, our customer portal, letters, e-mails and text messages.

Our company name or logo in your communication

If you also use our company name or logo material in your communication, we ask you to adjust this from Monday 10 January 2022. At the beginning of January you will receive a reminder about this from us. You can easily replace the old logo with the new coeo Incasso logo via our Media Toolkit.


In May 2020, CIB already joined the fast-growing coeo Group, a European credit management organization within the investment portfolio of Waterland Private Equity. A wonderful step forward in the development of both the (international) market position and service portfolio. A year later, CIB changed its corporate colors from the original purple to blue and green. This provided a first step towards a fresh uniform and recognizable house style within the European collection group.